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At Rapid Loans, we understand your need for fast extra cash. That’s why we aim to give you quick access to cash within 24 hours of loan approval through our fast online loan application process.

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Payment calculator for cash loans

At Rapid Loans, we specialise in offering fast service on cash loans from over $2,000 and up to $10,000.

All you need to know are two simple things: how much you need to borrow and how frequently you want to make repayments. It all goes into our unique loan calculator to give you immediate answers.

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What do I need to apply for a loan?

Getting your documentation together to support your Rapid Loans application isn’t hard. Remember, there are just 3 basic things we have to know:

  • Your identity
  • Your financial circumstances
  • Your lifestyle.

There are many supporting documents you could supply electronically. You don’t have to tick off everything in this list. Think of it as a guide for items that can help us approve you faster:

  • Payslips, PAYG statements and tax returns
  • Credit card statements
  • Existing personal or car loan statements
  • Mortgage/lease/rent agreements
  • HELP debt reports
  • Bank account statements for each of your accounts, including term deposits and shared accounts
  • Rates notice or property valuation
  • Details of investments
  • Details of valuables
  • Contracts and outstanding invoices
  • Profit and loss statements.

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Applying online with Rapid Loans is easy. We’ve made it so there are just a few simple screens from start to finish. If you have your documents on hand, you can complete your application in 2 to 3 minutes total.

Once you send your application, it goes straight to our loan consultants – they’ll be in touch within 3 business hours.

Online application steps:

  1. Tell us how much you’d like to borrow and why.
  2. Supply your name, address and contact details.
  3. Input the bank you usually work with.
  4. Upload your ID and financial documents.
  5. Hit ‘Send’.

Visit our applications page for more information on applying for an online loan or call a friendly consultant direct on 1300 727 431.

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Kim, Caloundra

We got to the stage where one car was just not enough for us with everything we needed to do during the week and on weekends. So I applied for loan with Rapid Loans to buy a second car and I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was to secure the funds we needed. Our repayments are all structured and we know exactly how much we need to pay off and now we have the second car we desperately needed. Would I recommend Rapid Loans to friends or family? Well I already have!


December 20, 2017

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