5 Tips to Slash Your Bills in Half

You’ve probably heard the saying “nothing is certain but death and taxes”, but we would like to add “bills” to that list!

So if you’re one of the many Aussies sick of opening your mailbox to find yet another pile of bills, read on as we show you how to slash your bills and manage them better.

Here are our 5 top tips:

1. Discover the Australian Government rebates on offer

We all know that going solar and harnessing the sun’s energy will reduce your electricity bill, however a common misconception is that the upfront costs of installing solar panels will cost you an arm and a leg.

But did you know the Government offers rebates that could dramatically reduce the cost? Yahoo7 Finance says if you’re considering the switch to solar to cut your power use, you may be able to make an up-front saving through the National Solar credits scheme. And once you have those solar panels on your roof drawing in free energy from the sun, you should see a major drop in your energy bills.

2. Switch off appliances

We’ve all probably been the culprit of forgetting to switch off a light when leaving a room or to fully shutdown a computer once we are done checking our likes on Facebook – but all those little forgotten moments can result in big bucks added to your electricity bill.

To rectify your habits all it takes is some forward thinking about how you can reduce energy wastage. The Australian Government recommends turning off appliances at the wall or using a smart power board, which can save you money on your power bill. You could also consider partaking in events like Earth Hour, where people across the world turn off their lights for one global energy saving evening.

3. Install energy efficient appliances

Going green not only helps your hip pocket, but is also a great way to help Mother Nature, by reducing your family’s carbon footprint. According to YourEnergySavings.gov.au appliances can account for up to 30% of your home energy use. So one of the first steps to lower your energy consumption (and your electricity bills) is by introducing energy efficient appliances to your home. Look for products like fridges and TVs with a higher star energy-rating label.

So while you’ll incur the upfront cost of purchasing the new energy efficient appliances, you’ll be paid back in the long run with lower electricity bills. A win for the environment, and a win for your family budget.

4. Use comparison websites

If you’re on the wrong electricity plan with high charges for every kWh used, you could be paying far more than necessary. That’s why it always pays to compare the different energy plans out there, to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Visit yourenergy.nsw.gov.au to punch in your numbers and see how much you could save by making the switch (excuse the pun).

5. Consolidate debt

On top of your energy bills, you’re probably receiving some form of debt bill from things like credit cards, store cards, car loans, payday loans with no credit checks…the list goes on. So when it all becomes a little too much to manage, a debt consolidation loan could be a good option.

A debt consolidation loan works by merging all of your different debts into one simple personal loan. Not only will your debt be easier to manage with one ongoing payment, you will no longer be paying multiple fees that can quickly eat away at your disposable income.

Check out how much you could save by consolidating your debts! Contact Rapid Loans to speak to one of our loan consultants regarding your debt consolidation loan application. Apply online or call 1300 727 431 today.