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Choose Rapid Loans as your simple and straightforward solution for quick personal loans, easy car loans and responsive business loans. Find out why our dedication to helping you achieve your dreams has made us one of Australia’s fastest growing finance companies.

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When you need a loan fast, Rapid Loans makes it easy. We’re set up so you can handle the everything over the internet and by phone. In just 3 steps you could be accessing the funds you need1.

  1. Gather your identity and financial documents. We only need to know a few things.
  2. Apply online. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Keep your phone handy. On average, a consultant will call you back in around 2 business hours.

While our process is streamlined to maximise responsiveness, we are still professional and carefully examine every application. It all goes towards making sure you get the best loan for your needs and circumstances.

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At Rapid Loans, we understand your need for fast extra cash. That’s why we aim to give you quick access to cash within 24 hours of loan approval1 through our fast online loan application process.

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Rapid Loans

Rapid Loans means speedy and straightforward loan application and approval

At Rapid Loans, we specialise in the 3 kinds of loans our clients need most: car loans, personal loans and business loans. Because we keep things simple, each one is offered as a standard product with a fixed interest rate (terms and conditions apply). However, your dedicated loans consultant can help you make sure your repayments fit into your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you bring your dreams to reality.

  • Everyone is so busy these days that expenses, bills and great deals come around almost too fast. If you need cash now, a personal loan from over $2,000 and up to $10,000 from Rapid Loans can really smooth the way.
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  • When you need to replace your old car or you’ve found your dream mobile and want to make a deal today, you need car financing fast! Because the Rapid Loans car loan’s system is so streamlined, you could go from finding the right car to applying for finance to driving it away in less than 48 hours.
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  • In business, you have to be agile. When you need cash now to cover costs or follow up a great opportunity, a Rapid Business Finance business loan will give you the responsiveness and capability to be ready when opportunity knocks.
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Rapid Loans, real solutions

If you are thinking about financing your personal, vehicle or business dreams, use our loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow and what your repayments could be.

If you need to discuss further, contact one of our professional loans consultants today. They are already waiting on the line to help you.
Call 1300 727 431.


Katrina, Redan

When it came time to move into a new property, I knew if I saw something I liked, I’d need to come up with the money for a bond very quickly. So when I found my ideal property, I also found Rapid Loans online and it was an even quicker process to get the money I needed for the bond. I’d never borrowed money online before, but if you need cash quickly, I’d recommend Rapid Loans as your first click.


November 13, 2018

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