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A small business loan with Rapid Business Finance means your business can seize opportunities and solve problems. Does your business need extra resources to capitalise on a new gap in the market? Facing uneven cash flow? Got a big bill to cover as you wait for accounts receivable to chase up your outstanding accounts? Maybe your business has assets needing an upgrade. Maybe there’s a great deal your business wants to take advantage of immediately.

Our business loans help small businesses and large companies throughout Australia get on with their work, helping people across the country build the future of their companies.

Fast, same-day responses on small business loans

We know you are a busy person. We know you need results quickly. It’s why Rapid Business Finance offers you business loans of $10,000 to $50,000 with same-day response service for small business loans. Working with Rapid Business Finance means you will get a dedicated business loan consultant who will tailor a loan to your needs.

Whether your business is small and growing or well established, we can provide you with:

  • Zero interest for a set period
  • Fixed fees
  • Flexible business loan terms
  • Option of secured or unsecured financing

Our online small business loan application and approval system has been built specifically to ensure your business gets the tailored financing solution it needs and gets it fast.1

We’ve narrowed our qualifying criteria for business loan applications to just two key questions:

  1. Has your business been in operation for at least 6 months?
  2. Does your business have a monthly turnover of $10,000 or more?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

small business loans online

Fast, efficient, responsive business loans & finance

Applying for business finance or a business loan is simple. First, gather documents to establish your identity and the financial situation of your business – plus information on any current loans you and your business have – then it is just 3 simple steps:

  1. Call 1300 727 431 or complete our short registration online and tell us what you need.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your business loan options.
  3. If approved, we will tailor a product to suit to your business needs, working capital and cash flow requirements.

If everything checks out, the entire small business loan amount could be in your account the very next business day.

Innovative business loans options

Here are some of the ways we can tailor your business loans and financing solution to help improve your cash flow:


If your business offers credit terms to clients on invoicing and you need cash ahead of normal payment dates, Rapid Business Finance can provide up to 85% of the invoice value immediately. The remainder, less our fee, is then provided upon client payment.

The best bit: No interest charges are payable – all you pay is a fixed fee per invoice. Even better, Rapid Business Finance can collect and administer payments on your behalf through our Invoice Factoring services.


If your business is a retail operation and your customers pay regularly via EFTPOS or credit card, our RapidDraw business advance product can secure you additional funds now for business investment or expenses.

The best bit: We can tailor a zero-interest advance. All you pay is an upfront fee and daily payments to smooth out your expenses.


If you need to fund a large order upfront, Rapid Business Finance can provide a small business loan and the funds to settle with your supplier, or arrange for a Letter of Credit to secure the order.

The best bit: Rapid Business Finance can then give you Invoice Financing which mean you can reap the profits immediately while waiting for the revenue from your sales.

Rapid Loans – Small Business Loan Experts

Rapid Loans is about helping small business owners accomplish their goals and create the business they desire and deserve while making their lives easier. Access more freedom to take your business to the next level and take full reign your next project.

If an opportunity arises to enhance your business that you just can’t miss, but the lack of funds or cash flow is standing in your way, Rapid Loans may be able to help you with one of our business loan products.

We are dedicated to offering fast and effective finance solutions to small businesses to assist with their cash flow problems, financial needs and security. If you are looking for that cash injection to help you realise your dreams and grow your business – Rapid Loans is committed to assisting Aussie Small Business owners to achieve their goals!

Tackling small business operational costs has never been easier with the help of Rapid Loans and our business loans!

Fast & Easy Business Loan Application Process

While our business loan assessment process is thorough and takes your circumstances into account, our business loan application is straight-forward and takes just minutes to complete. From there, you can expect a prompt response from one of our experienced, friendly loan consultants and, if approved, the loan amount can be in your account within 24 hours.

The entire business loan application process is just a few minutes out of your day and all from the comfort of your own home or business.

Although our loan application and our responses are fast, we never cut corners or skimp out on customer service.

Whether you are looking for a full renovation, store fit-out or wanting to stock up on inventory and everything in between, accessing the help of a small business loan can make a world of difference to your goals’ achievability. This is where Rapid Loans comes in. We are dedicated to helping you with your business dreams!

Experienced Lenders

Rapid Loans is Australian-owned and operated and is dedicated to helping companies like you access small business loans, effectively and efficiently. We’ve been in operation since 2003, and bring a wealth of business experience combined with innovative thinking. We take great pride in our experience, dedication and skill when it comes to small business loans and providing assistance in accomplishing short and long-term goals knows no bounds!

Our clients and their business goals are of the utmost importance to us, and we are passionate about helping people achieve those goals in the most effective, efficient and convenient way possible!

Get a Small Business Loan Today

If you are looking for a trusted Australian small business loans provider look no further than Rapid Loans.
Contact us and take the first step to achieve your desired business goals and find out exactly what we can do to help you today.

Contact Rapid Loans for Business Loans Solutions

Methods to contact us:

Call us on: 1300 727 431
Request a call-back, and one of our friendly small business loans consultants will phone you
Alternatively, click ‘Apply Now’ to get the ball rolling
We look forward to hearing from you!


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer start-up loans?

No, Rapid Loans only offer business loans to established companies that have been operating for at least 6 months.

How much can our business borrow?

Rapid Loans specialise in small business loans from $10,000 up to $50,000.

Who are eligible for a business loan with Rapid Loans?

Businesses with a monthly turnover of $10,000 or more that have been operating for more than 6 months are eligible to apply for a business loan with us.

How soon can I get a business loan?

Rapid Loans feature a fast application process with a same day response service. If approved, the funds will be transferred as soon as possible, in some cases even the same day.

Do you offer unsecured business loans?

We have flexible loan options for growing and established businesses, with both secured and unsecured finance options available depending on the circumstances of the company.


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Christina, Mawson Lakes

I needed some money to pay off two smaller loans and part fund a family trip to the Philippines. I was blown away by how fast and efficient Rapid Loans was, always keeping me in the loop during the process and making me feel like I was their only client. A big thank you to Rapid Loans for their excellent service

Kim, Caloundra

We got to the stage where one car was just not enough for us with everything we needed to do during the week and on weekends. So I applied for loan with Rapid Loans to buy a second car and I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was to secure the funds we needed. Our repayments are all structured and we know exactly how much we need to pay off and now we have the second car we desperately needed. Would I recommend Rapid Loans to friends or family? Well I already have!

Katrina, Redan

When it came time to move into a new property, I knew if I saw something I liked, I’d need to come up with the money for a bond very quickly. So when I found my ideal property, I also found Rapid Loans online and it was an even quicker process to get the money I needed for the bond. I’d never borrowed money online before, but if you need cash quickly, I’d recommend Rapid Loans as your first click.

Alex, Sunshine West

I had a few unexpected bills to pay off and I needed a bit of extra cash fast. I couldn’t believe how quick the whole process was with Rapid Loans – from applying for some extra cash to actually getting it in my bank account. Now I can pay off my unexpected bills in my own time, knowing exactly how much my repayments are


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