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A loan with Rapid Business Finance means your business can seize opportunities and solve problems. Need the resources to capitalise on a new gap in the market? Facing uneven cashflow? Got a big bill to cover as you wait for accounts receivable to chase up your outstanding accounts? Maybe your business has assets needing an upgrade. Maybe there’s a great deal you want to take advantage of immediately.

Same-day response on business loans

We know you are a busy person. We know you need results quickly. It’s why Rapid Business Finance offers you business loans of $10,000 to $50,000 with same-day service. Working with Rapid Business Finance means you will get a dedicated consultant who will tailor a loan for you with:

  • Zero interest
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Option of secured or unsecured financing

Our loans application and approval system has been built specifically to ensure your business gets the tailored financing solution it needs and gets it fast.1

We’ve narrowed our basic lending criteria to just two key questions:

  1. Have you been in operation for at least 6 months?
  2. Do you have a monthly turnover of $10,000 or more?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

Rapid Loans

Fast, efficient, responsive business finance

Applying for business finance is simple. First, gather documents to establish your identity and your business’s financial situation – plus information on any current loans you and your business have – then it is just 3 simple steps:

  1. Call 1300 727 431 or complete our short registration online and tell us what you need.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss options.
  3. We will tailor a product to suit to your business needs and cashflow requirements.

If everything checks out, the entire loan amount will be in your account the very next business day.

Innovative business financing options

Here are some of the ways we can tailor your business financing solution:

INVOICING CREDIT TERMS: If your business offers credit terms to clients on invoicing and you need cash ahead of normal payment dates, Rapid Business Finance can provide up to 85% of the invoice value immediately. The remainder, less our fee, is then provided upon client payment.
The best bit: No interest charges are payable – all you pay is a fixed fee per invoice. Even better, Rapid Business Finance can collect and administer payments on your behalf through our Invoice Factoring services.

EFTPOS AND CREDIT CARD RETAIL: If your business is a retail operation and your customers pay regularly via EFTPOS or credit card, our RapidDraw business advance product can secure you additional funds now for business investment or expenses.
The best bit: We can tailor a zero-interest advance. All you pay is an upfront fee and daily payments to smooth out your expenses.

LARGE-ORDER PAYMENTS: If you need to fund a large order upfront, Rapid Business Finance can provide the funds to settle with your supplier, or arrange for a Letter of Credit to secure the order.
The best bit: Rapid Business Finance can then give you Invoice Financing which mean you can reap the profits immediately while waiting for the revenue from your sales.

Call Rapid Loans on 1300 727 431 now to discuss giving your business an edge.

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Alex, Sunshine West

I had a few unexpected bills to pay off and I needed a bit of extra cash fast. I couldn’t believe how quick the whole process was with Rapid Loans – from applying for some extra cash to actually getting it in my bank account. Now I can pay off my unexpected bills in my own time, knowing exactly how much my repayments are


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