The Quick and Easy Way To Apply Online For Personal Loans

When expenses come up or great deals are on offer or just when you have to book emergency travel with your family, don’t reach for your credit card. Reach for the phone. Call Rapid Loans. Our flexible personal loans and quick online application process can give you the opportunity to access the funds you need when you need them.

Personal loans to suit your lifestyle

Offering a personal loan to suit your lifestyle with same-day application and approval1 all with excellent customer service, a Rapid Loans personal loan is a great way to take control when you need over $2,000 and up to $10,000 and you need it fast.

Our dedicated consultants can help you achieve your lifestyle goals through building you a truly personal loan that can accommodate almost any lifestyle, income status, credit history or other circumstance. Whether you’re getting your car fixed or booking that trip away with your family, our online personal loans are the ideal choice.

Personal Loan Calculator

Use our simple personal loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow.

Loan amount

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  • $ 2,001
  • $ 3,000
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  • $ 5,000
  • $ 6,000
  • $ 7,000
  • $ 8,000
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  • $ 10,000

How often do you get paid?

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  • Weekly
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Rapid Loans

Flexible personal loan repayments

At Rapid Loans our secured personal loans are simple and easy-to-understand. Instead of offering scores of different loans, we offer a single consumer loans package with the flexibility to give you the solution that suits you.

As a new customer, you can rest assured knowing we will treat you as a unique individual in terms of needs, budget, lifestyle and finances. And fast! Often, the entire process, from application to approval1 to payment, takes less than 48 hours.

We also know your life and circumstances can change throughout the personal loan duration. It’s why we provide dedicated phone and email support to deal with changes when they arise.

What do I need to apply for a personal loan?

Getting your documentation together to support your Rapid Loans application isn’t hard. Remember, there are just 3 basic things we have to know:

  • Your identity
  • Your financial circumstances
  • Your lifestyle

Personal cash loans vs. credit cards

Credit cards can seem like the easiest way to access cash fast. While credit cards do have their uses, they can be difficult to manage because, provided you make the minimum repayment, there is no fixed date by which you have to pay them off in full.

A consumer loan is different. It is for a fixed amount, for fixed interest and, over a fixed repayment term. It’s simple, predictable, reliable, and there are no unpleasant surprises.

Fast approval personal loans

When you need a personal loan, you generally want it fast! It can be an exciting and stressful time. Our approach to application, approval and payment of personal loans is in our name: Rapid.

Find out how to apply online instantly, or call 1300 727 431 to speak to a personal loans consultant who will guide you through the quick and easy online application process.

Apply on your morning coffee break and, if your application meets every step, you could receive an approval by your afternoon coffee break.

Talk to a personal loans consultant

Applying online for our cash advance loans is fast and easy. It’s simple, it’s straightforward and it takes just three steps after you have read and agreed to our privacy consent agreement:

  1. Gather your identity and financial documents – just a few minutes work.
  2. Visit Apply Now and fill in our online form – we only ask for the essential information we need to get your application moving.
  3. Stay by your phone – a friendly loans consultant will be with you within just a few business hours. We aim to respond within 2 to 3 business hours.

Rapid Loans – Personal Loans

Here at Rapid Loans, we are dedicated to helping our clients live the lives they want and achieve their personal goals. We are knowledgeable in all facets of Personal Loans. We are passionate about assisting in bridging the gap to allow everyday Australians to take on opportunities and accomplish their desired personal aspirations. Offering fast, simple and effective financial products, while providing a second to none customer experience is Rapid Loans’ main objective. Living the lifestyle you want and achieving your goals has never been easier!

We appreciate that you have many options when it comes to applying for a personal loan and there are countless lenders out there, leaving you spoilt for choice. However, we are confident that you won’t find a more reliable, trusted, efficient lender or have a more stress-free experience than you will with us here at Rapid Loans.

Tailored Personal Loans

At Rapid Loans, our tailored personal loans begin from $2,001. If you apply for your personal loan in the morning and your application is successful, you could have your money same-day, without the hassle of long wait periods or time constraints. Applying for a personal loan can be an exciting yet stressful process. Which is why, here at Rapid Loans, our mission is to help people live the lifestyle they choose with the help of our personal loan options, in a more straightforward, easier way, while striving to remove as much stress and hassle as possible.

When unexpected expenses arise, an unforeseen emergency pops up or you simply can’t pass up a special opportunity that requires fast additional funds, make sure Rapid Loans is your first point of contact.

Personal Loans vs Credit Cards

Instead of reaching for the credit card, take advantage of all the benefits accessing a personal loan has to offer.

Personal loans can be extremely helpful and useful for a variety of reasons and at any stage of life.
Some of the benefits available when applying for a personal loan through Rapid Loans include but are not limited to:

  • Flexible repayment options;
  • Versatility;
  • Easier to manage vs multiple credit cards;
  • Simple application;
  • Fast response;
  • Ability to cover unexpected costs or desired expenses;
  • Predictable with no unpleasant surprises;

Easy and Quick Loan Application

While our assessment process is thorough and takes your personal circumstances into account, our application is simple, taking just minutes to complete. Our clients can expect a prompt response from one of our knowledgeable, friendly consultants and, if approved, funds can be in your account within 24 hours, all from the comfort of your own home.

Rapid Loans is all about making the process to access personal loans and achieving goals that much easier.

Fast Response Times

Although our application process and our responses are fast – at Rapid Loans, we never cut corners or skimp out on customer service. You are our priority and creating the most accessible and efficient personal loan solutions to benefit our clients is mission first and foremost. We’re known for being a trusted lender with over a decade of experience, always thinking outside the box and being unique from ‘traditional’ lenders. We’ve even streamlined our application to the degree that it takes only minutes to complete and can be done completely online. No more rummaging through drawers or hunting through piles of old documents! We used advanced and innovative technology to process your application and funnel it through to our team efficiently to allow them to get in touch with you quickly with your result. This allows us to spend more time helping you, and less time manually adding up the numbers.

Personal Service from Personal Loan Consultants

Even better, you won’t deal with just a general, run-of-the-mill call centre. Instead, we put you directly in contact with one of our experienced personal loans consultants who will give you answers and get your loan moving. Throughout your partnership with Rapid Loans, they will be your personal contact dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, a great product and a great result.
We understand that each of our clients’ circumstances is unique and the idea of applying for a personal loan can be intimidating and daunting. At Rapid Loans, you will always have the peace of mind and confidence that you are in the most capable hands. We will take the time to hear and understand your needs, and through our personalised approach will always provide a warm and welcoming experience.

Why Use Rapid Loans

Established in 2003, Rapid Loans has been one of Australia’s go-to lenders for many years, when it comes to helping people like you access personal loans effectively and efficiently. We take great pride in helping thousands of people from across the nation reach and achieve their personal goals, manage bill shock easier and take that ultimate holiday they’ve always dreamed of.

Our experience, dedication and skill when it comes to all aspects of personal loans and providing assistance in accomplishing short and long-term goals knows no bounds!
Our clients and their lifestyle goals are of the utmost importance to us, and we are passionate about helping people achieve those goals in the most effective, efficient and convenient way possible!
At Rapid Loans, helping people achieve their goals has guided us through every stage of our business evolution, and your aims, your needs and your dreams will guide us into the future as well. With Rapid Loans, you will always be well looked after. We base our practices around the three core customer benefits we offer you

  1. Speed and ease of online applications
  2. Rapid payment of cash after you’re approved
  3. Personal and friendly services

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for Australia’s best personal loan lending specialist, look no further than Rapid Loans.
Contact us and take the first step to achieving your desired lifestyle goals and find out exactly what we can do to help you today.

Methods to contact us:
Call us on: 1800 198 765. Request a callback, and one of our friendly personal loan consultants will phone you Alternatively, click ‘Apply Now’ to get the ball rolling
We look forward to hearing from you!


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I had a few unexpected bills to pay off and I needed a bit of extra cash fast. I couldn’t believe how quick the whole process was with Rapid Loans – from applying for some extra cash to actually getting it in my bank account. Now I can pay off my unexpected bills in my own time, knowing exactly how much my repayments are


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