The Quick and Easy Way To Apply Online For Personal Loans

When expenses come up or great deals are on offer or just when you have to book emergency travel with your family, don’t reach for your credit card. Reach for the phone. Call Rapid Loans. Our flexible personal loans and quick online application process can give you the opportunity to access the funds you need when you need them.

Personal loans tailored for you, whatever your lifestyle

Offering a tailored personal loan with same-day application and approval1 all with excellent customer service, a Rapid Loans personal loan is a great way to take control when you need over $2,000 and up to $10,000 and you need it fast.

Our dedicated consultants can help you achieve your lifestyle goals through building you a truly personal loan that can accommodate almost any lifestyle, income status, credit history or other circumstance. Whether you’re getting your car fixed or booking that trip away with your family, our online loans are the ideal choice.

Personal Loan Calculator

Use our simple personal loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow.

Loan amount

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Rapid Loans

Flexible repayments

At Rapid Loans our secured personal loans are simple and easy-to-understand. Instead of offering scores of different loans, we offer a single consumer loans package with the flexibility to give you the solution that suits you.

As a new customer, you can rest assured knowing we will treat you as a unique individual in terms of needs, budget, lifestyle and finances. And fast! Often, the entire process, from application to approval1 to payment, takes less than 48 hours.

We also know your life and circumstances can change throughout the personal loan duration. It’s why we make sure your repayments can be easily adapted to suit.

What do I need to apply for a loan?

Getting your documentation together to support your Rapid Loans application isn’t hard. Remember, there are just 3 basic things we have to know:

  • Your identity
  • Your financial circumstances
  • Your lifestyle

Personal cash loans vs. credit cards

Credit cards can seem like the easiest way to access cash fast, but that straight-to-the-wallet convenience comes with some serious drawbacks and hazards.

While they do have their uses, credit cards are so easy to use because they need to employ a combination of high interest rates and complicated fee structures. They’re especially difficult to use if you’re on a careful budget. The companies offering them also make more profit through interest and fees the longer you stay in debt. A credit card debt can feel like it never ends.

A consumer loan is a different way. At Rapid Loans, we’re in business to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. Our loan costs are carefully structured: they are a for a fixed amount, for fixed fees, over a fixed repayment term. It’s simple, predictable, reliable and there are no unpleasant surprises.

For example, we can tell you straight up that a loan of $2,500 over a 24-month term has a total cost of credit, including all applicable fees, of exactly $1,394.38.

Get a secured personal loan fast

When you need a personal loan, you generally want it fast! It can be an exciting and stressful time. Our approach to application, approval and payment of personal loans is in our name: Rapid.

Find out how to apply online instantly, or call 1300 727 431 to speak to a personal loans consultant who will guide you through the quick and easy online application process.

Apply on your morning coffee break and, if your application meets every step, you could receive an approval by your afternoon coffee break.

Talk to a personal loans consultant

Applying online for our cash advance loans is fast and easy. It’s simple, it’s straightforward and it takes just three steps after you have read and agreed to our privacy consent agreement:

  1. Gather your identity and financial documents – just a few minutes work.
  2. Visit Apply Now and fill in our online form – we only ask for the essential information we need to get your application moving.
  3. Stay by your phone – a friendly loans consultant will be with you within just a few business hours. We aim to respond within 2 to 3 business hours.

Call Rapid Loans on 1300 727 431 now to discuss your personal loan application today.

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Kim, Caloundra

We got to the stage where one car was just not enough for us with everything we needed to do during the week and on weekends. So I applied for loan with Rapid Loans to buy a second car and I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was to secure the funds we needed. Our repayments are all structured and we know exactly how much we need to pay off and now we have the second car we desperately needed. Would I recommend Rapid Loans to friends or family? Well I already have!


November 13, 2018

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