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Are you on the search to find a perfect ‘new to you’ car? Whether that’s through a private seller, on a website or from a dealership – when you think used car loan, think Rapid Loans. Loan amounts range from $5,000 – $25,000 and, provided your application ticks all the boxes, you could be driving away within 24 hours. Haven’t picked a car yet? Rapid Loans offers a two-week conditional pre-approval so you can shop for your car with confidence. With a simple online application and personalised customer service, Rapid Loans is the easy choice for your used car loan.

How to Apply

  1. Complete our easy online car loan application form – it takes just minutes!
  2. Put your application on the fast track by entering your financial information in a secure setting
  3. One of our dedicated consultants will be in touch

How our Car Loans Work

As a secured lender, Rapid Loans uses the car you’re purchasing as the security for your used car loan. This is usual practice for car finance. Once you’ve completed our easy application process, one of our friendly team will be in touch to talk you through the next steps.

Why Work With Rapid Loans?

We’re committed to providing accessible, stress-free loans to our customers. With over a decade in the industry, we know the ins and outs to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling informed and taken care of. We provide a fast response to all applications, so you’re not left waiting and wondering.

We take the time to assess your individual situation, and our consultants are available to you every step of the way. Some of the benefits of working with Rapid Loans are:

  • Personal, friendly customer support
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Loan amounts up to $25,000
  • Tailored repayment schedules to suit your lifestyle


Car Loan Calculator

Use our simple used car loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow towards your new set of wheels.

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Rapid Loans


Getting a Used Car Loan Through Rapid Loans

There are few times that are more exciting in life than when you get to shop for a car. With vehicle prices growing every year, buying a used car often makes sense in today’s world. However, obtaining financing can sometimes be more challenging when buying a used car.

The good news is that Rapid Loans makes it easy to get behind the wheel of a used vehicle. Whether you are buying an essentially new vehicle that barely meets the definition of “used” or are looking for a highly affordable car, Rapid Loans has a solution for you. Best of all, Rapid Loans may approve you on the same day once you have completed the simple online application. Read on to learn more about how Rapid Loans can help you with your next used car loan.

Used Car Loan with Rapid Loans

With many lenders, you have to make a personal appearance in an office before receiving financing. Getting across town to speak to a lender about a used car loan can take a significant amount of time, and there is no guarantee that you will be approved. Of course, if you are buying a car, you might not even have a vehicle to get to the lender’s office.

With a used car loan from Rapid Loans, you can easily apply online from the comfort of your office, living room or while inspecting your dream car. The application process is easy to complete.

The amount you can borrow is set based on your affordability. Your vehicle will be used as collateral to secure your debt. Of course, not everyone is approved for a loan, but Rapid Loans assesses all applications individually and consults with you to give you the best chance possible.

Once you are pre-approved for your used car loan, you will have up to two weeks to find the car that you want. You can use the funds that Rapid Loans provides at any licensed dealer in Australia or in a private sale agreement.

After the used car loan is approved and the purchase is made, an affordable repayment schedule will be set up allowing you to make regular payments until your vehicle is paid off. Borrowers are free to make larger payments to pay off their loan faster without added fees.

Easy Car Loan Application Process

With Rapid Loans, you can quickly submit an application online. When applying for a loan, ensure you have the following:

1. Residency

  • You must provide proof of current address (and previous address if less than 3 months at current address).
  • You must be an Australian resident.

2. Income

  • Proof of income for at least three months prior to the date of the used car loan application is required.
  • Your income must come from employment or eligible government pensions.

3. Financial information

  • Proof of rent/board/mortgage payments
  • Your other debts or liabilities
  • Your regular expenses

Fast Loan Application Response

Rapid Loans does not make you wait weeks to find out whether your used car loan has been approved. Instead, you will often get to learn the outcome of your application on the same day.

Rapid Loans has a vast network of data providers that help the lender to determine whether you qualify for a loan.

To ensure a responsible assessment, Rapid Loans undertakes additional due diligence by a human operator. When you work with Rapid Loans for your car finance, you can expect:

  • to be treated fairly throughout the application process,
  • to receive communications so that you can monitor the status of your application, and
  • to get the results of your application as quickly as possible.

All lenders have to rely on human input to assess applications, and Rapid Loans has implemented a system that gets you through this process much faster than with many of the lender’s competitors.

Tailored Finance Options

Loans are tailored in several different ways:

  • You can easily learn about the different types of loans that Rapid Loans offers on its website.
  • A helpful support team is available to explain different options that might be right for you.
  • Rapid Loans can help you set up the best options for repayments and loan terms based on your circumstances.

In particular, Rapid Loans offers a wide range of credit options, including:

  • car loans,
  • business loans,
  • personal loans, and
  • debt consolidation loans.

Once you have received your used car loan, you can continue to work closely with Rapid Loans for all of your financing needs.

Customer Support

Although Rapid Loans is an online lender, we offer outstanding customer support to help customers obtain the loan that they need. There are several ways that you can reach the customer support team of Rapid Loans:

  • by phone,
  • by email, and
  • by mail.

Outstanding customer support ensures that your used car loan application goes smoothly. You are free to contact Rapid Loans at any stage in the borrowing process, and the lender will go to great lengths to ensure that you get your concerns answered..

Most importantly, Rapid Loans’ customer support team is there for you after your loan has been approved. If you have questions about your repayments, Rapid Loans will be happy to help you.

Two Weeks Pre-Approval for Used Car Loan

Rapid Loans gives you plenty of time to choose a new vehicle after your used car loan application has been pre-approved. You may receive two full weeks to select a vehicle after receiving confirmation of pre-approval. With extra time to make your selection, you can make a better decision so that you can get a car that you can keep for an extended period of time.

Having enough time to pick a vehicle is important since you will usually need to take vehicles on test drives and talk to many different car brands. Instead of using up several annual leave days to compare vehicles, you can take your time visiting car dealerships on weekends and in the evenings when you borrow from Rapid Loans.

When you have plenty of time to shop, you can also expect to get a better price on your next vehicle. Finding a deal requires shopping around, and you can do so when you have the backing of Rapid Loans. Shopping around is especially important when buying a used vehicle due to the broad range of cars that you can choose from.

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Christina, Mawson Lakes

I needed some money to pay off two smaller loans and part fund a family trip to the Philippines. I was blown away by how fast and efficient Rapid Loans was, always keeping me in the loop during the process and making me feel like I was their only client. A big thank you to Rapid Loans for their excellent service

Kim, Caloundra

We got to the stage where one car was just not enough for us with everything we needed to do during the week and on weekends. So I applied for loan with Rapid Loans to buy a second car and I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was to secure the funds we needed. Our repayments are all structured and we know exactly how much we need to pay off and now we have the second car we desperately needed. Would I recommend Rapid Loans to friends or family? Well I already have!

Katrina, Redan

When it came time to move into a new property, I knew if I saw something I liked, I’d need to come up with the money for a bond very quickly. So when I found my ideal property, I also found Rapid Loans online and it was an even quicker process to get the money I needed for the bond. I’d never borrowed money online before, but if you need cash quickly, I’d recommend Rapid Loans as your first click.

Alex, Sunshine West

I had a few unexpected bills to pay off and I needed a bit of extra cash fast. I couldn’t believe how quick the whole process was with Rapid Loans – from applying for some extra cash to actually getting it in my bank account. Now I can pay off my unexpected bills in my own time, knowing exactly how much my repayments are


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