Planning Your Perfect Christmas

The silly season is a time for fun, relaxation and making memorable moments with family and friends. No matter how you like to celebrate, there are usually some associated expenses. We all know it’s spending time with our loved ones that’s truly important, but it can be nice to do a little extra sometimes!

We’ve written a few little tips to help you plan ahead for your perfect Christmas, whatever that looks like!

Buy presents in advance.

Finding that perfect pressie – especially for children– can feel really overwhelming in the lead up to Christmas. Sometimes things can turn out a little more expensive than you hoped, and sometimes that list of people to buy for just keeps growing!

Whether you have a big family, or you just love to spoil the little ones, starting your shopping a month or two early can help to spread out the upfront costs of your Christmas gift-giving.

Set a spread to remember.

Catering for the whole extended family? When you’re feeding an army, it can very rapidly become expensive once you get the turkey, the ham, the seafood, the wine, the bubbly, dessert, and some antipasto. If you’re keen to space out the cost, it can be a great idea to divide up the different aspects of your Christmas lunch between different members of the family. Not only does it get everyone involved, it can take the strain off any one person! If there are lots of kids in the family, why not try helping them to make a dessert for everyone?

Spend your time with the people who matter…

…no matter how far away they are! Christmas is a time to get together with loved ones, whether they’re family or not. If you’re hoping to travel to spend some time with the important people in your life, we know Christmas can be the most expensive time to find flights! Consider starting and/or ending your travel a little outside the peak period – who doesn’t love an extended holiday? If this isn’t an option, try booking well in advance to take advantage of any deals.

Don’t stress!

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This is purely an opinion piece and should not be used as a sole source of guidance.